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Superba Contemporary


Designed by Robert Thibodeau of du Architects.

The client for this project is a self-employed businessman, who routinely hosts clients from overseas. He also works from home. His two requirements for his house were that the living area be suitable for both intimate evenings and business meetings, and that there be a home office that was detached from the main house but still felt private. The client also wanted a house that reflected the progressive, contemporary attitude of the neighborhood, Venice, but was rooted in the classic Modern design of Southern California.

A home office was designed above the existing garage, and attached to the main house at the second story by a catwalk. The single entrance makes the office a private space, accessible only from the second floor hallway, but still gives the client a separate space in which to work.

The second story has a master suite, two guest bedrooms, a guest bath, and laundry room. The roof level is divided into two different heights to allow for clerestory windows above the master bedroom, giving the entire upstairs a light, airy quality. Balconies off of the master and guest bedrooms allow for private outdoor spaces. Wood railings wrap the balconies and extend along the sides of the house, while terrazzo tile and poured terrazzo floors give the bathrooms an soft, opulent feel. A stair leads to a roof deck with a jacuzzi.

Downstairs, cool-colored ceramic tile, vertical grain fir plywood cabinetry, and clear-finished white oak wood floors are offset with rough-textured, board-formed, poured-in-place concrete. The living room has hydroponic radiant heat in a natural-finished concrete floor, which extends outdoors in to the rear yard and forms the end of a 25-foot lap pool.

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